Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a memory!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am so grateful for my family and the fact that we all have a good sense of humor. Our house is often filled with laughter and that makes any day better!!

Let me start by saying that Hewitt the Horrible has an incredible memory. If you slip up and say something bad, he will quote you for the next several days, weeks or maybe even months. He still walks around the house and says, "Cullen said poopy head!", Cullen being his cousin and the poopy head comment was said about 6 months ago. I think his wonderful memory will be an assett to him in his later life...remembering birthdays, anniversaries (good husband trait!), and who doesn't love the relative that brings up an odd comment that you made years ago?! The problem with his wonderful memory is when we go to the doctor. Hewitt has been going to the doctor for ear infections since he was about 6 weeks old, he is familiar with the building and the faces that he sees on a frequent basis. Today we went to see his ENT doctor for a follow up on his surgery for his tubes. I explained that we needed to make sure he can hear well and the doctor wanted to check his ears...he was okay UNTIL he saw the doctor's familiar face. The minute the doctor walked in, Hewitt started screaming at the top of his lungs. Most of the appointments that I take Hewitt to follow the same protocol...he is apprehensive in the waiting area and when the nurse calls his name and he recognizes her face he starts screaming. I have told the doctors and nurses that they should wear masks because this is a 2 year old that doesn't forget a face. I dread the doctor's office as much as Hewitt...but I dread it because of the blood curdling screams that come out of my boy's mouth!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


We Missed You Hewie!!
Hewitt and Harper (Anakin Skywalker) were all hugs!!

My husband, Jim, had a drawing convention last week in Sandusky, OH...home to the one of the Kalahari Hotel/Waterparks. We decided we would make the trek with Harper, our 5 year old daughter, but leave Mr. Hewitt at home with my wonderful sisters and my mother-in-law. Having family close by is a true Godsend...not only to help you out in situations like this but just for the overall support that you get from family members in general. The day before we left I was having serious 2nd thoughts about leaving my boy for an entire week. Hewitt and I are normally connected at the hip...he is my right hand man during the day (not by choice but by obligation of being his mom...am I allowed to say that outloud?!). Anyway, I was truly sad to leave him and worried that NO ONE would be able to deal with his crazy quirks and general unhappy personality!! Well, I am proud to say he did great...OR my family is good at lying to me about what he was really like. In any case, I think it was good for him and I to have some time away and it was such a rush of happiness when we picked him up on Saturday morning. I was so excited to see his sweet, little smile and unusually large head (he really does have a large head...I have been told by his pediatrician...I am not being mean!!). Obvisouly by Sunday the RUSH had worn off and Hewitt had settled back into his normal, cranky attitude. He was able to perfect his right hook while we were away, so his punching has a bit more of a sting to it...which is important when you are 2.5 years of age = ) All in all it was an accomplishment for me to leave him for a week, I now know I can do it and live to tell about it!!
P.S. Haven't noticed much improvement since Hewitt had the tubes put in...he has been saying that things are "too loud" which is a change. We have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks so I will keep my fingers crossed.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The tubes are in...let the waiting begin.


Waiting....(thank goodness for TV while you wait!!)

So, Hewitt's new tubes were put in this morning. Most of the morning was just waiting around for the 10 minute surgery/procedure to actually occur. I volunteered to take Hewitt into the operating room because he is my boy and I am his mama. This was the second time I have done this so I was fairly confident that I wouldn't start crying when they put him under...but apparently it will get me every time. Just seeing your child lying on an operating table...first kicking and screaming and then lifeless really put things into perspective. We need to enjoy this life while we can...spend as many happy times with our family as we can. Hopefully the new tubes will help Hewitt be a happy-go-lucky little guy. Only time will tell.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's fix the ears and see if that will fix the boy.

Tomorrow is the big day...Hewitt gets his 2nd set of tubes put in. I'm praying that this will help him feel better...which will help all of us feel better too!!

Halloween is fast approaching...Hewitt is getting ready to scare people! He doesn't like it when others scare him but he sure does like to scare anyone he can.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wal-Mart and kids just don't mix!!

What is it about Wal-Mart that brings out the absolute WORST in your kids? Is there something in the air as you enter the building that over takes them and makes them act out in an unrecognizable fashion? Seriously?!! I know my last post was about how great Hewitt had been acting but we have a HARD, HARD weekend. There was a lot of temper tantrums, tears, screams, and hitting (several hits to Hewitt's mom's face which doesn't go over well at all!!). So...Wal-Mart...we made it through about half of the store (maybe 15 minutes) and when I informed him that we were not buying the musical 'Scooby Doo' card he let out a loud, irritating wail that could be heard throughout the store (you know the kind that makes your face start to turn red and you think, "This isn't happening to me, is it?"). I pushed the cart into an unoccupied corner of the store and pleaded, yelled and bribed to no avail...the screaming/wailing continued through the aisles, up to the checkout, out the door, in the car, and FINALLY stopped within a few miles of our house. I tried to make little to no eye contact with anyone in the store for fear that they would give me their wonderful parenting advice...everyone knows how to raise kids when they see a child freaking out in a public place!! Some days are mentally exhausting and this happened to be one of them. I had a good 4-5 days under my belt, things were bound to go down hill at some point. We are preparing for Hewitt's 2nd set of tubes on October 26...I am hoping that this helps my little guy!! Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The clouds parted and the sun shined down on me!!

There have been days when I would dread getting out of bed and facing another day with a crabby little boy...this week however, I feel blessed. We went to 3 playdates throughout the week and Hewitt was such a wonderful kid. Obviously, he had his moments throughout the day where he lost it but what 2.5 year old doesn't? I was such a proud mother this week...proud of my little guy for sharing and using nice words and being a total sweetheart. I just put him down for his nap and he said, "I love you mom" and I said, "I love you more" and he giggled and said, "NOOOO, I love you more!". These are the days that I let me heart take a picture because everyday won't be easy but the bottom line is kids are amazing little miracles, even the cranky ones. Moms are somehow able to forget all the hard days and sleepness nights and want to have another child...isn't that incredible?!! Hewitt's grandma called last night and said, "Be thankful that he is healthy" and I do feel blessed to have 2 wonderful, healthy children. I have an amazing family with an awesome sense of humor (hence the book about my Horrible Hewitt)...if we didn't have a sense of humor, I wouldn't have made it this far. My little guy has given me a run for my money and I am sure there will be even harder days ahead but today I thank God for what I have.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My boy blue...gives me a smile or two.

Most of the days that I spend with Hewitt are hard days. He has an unhappy disposition and a very loud scream/cry to go with it. I have sat with people, who I consider very happy-go-lucky people, and when they hear Hewitt's loud 'SIREN' cry it makes them cringe...believe me there are days when it makes me cringe as well. My 2 year old has turned my world upside down and by the end of the day I am usually feeling exhausted and sad that I don't have an answer for what may be wrong with Hewitt and his unhappy disposition. BUT some nights I try to remember all the funny things he may have said, or the way he snuggles with me at night before I put him to bed. Even Hewitt has his irresistible moments...where his soft voice and sweet face win me over. Today he told me that he only likes Dad and Harper (his 5 year old sister) and I told him that was alright. My little two year old is fickle and I am sure by the time night falls, I will be his favorite again. = )

Here is a video that makes me smile every time I see it...Mr. Hewitt James showing his Wisconsin Badger pride in our living room.